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Here's how to receive mastery right in your home:

 Connect to our teachers and Lightworkers directly, via video call or phone call. Love has no boundaries, in space and time.

Online Services

Services We Offer:

Dark Room Retreat




The D.R.R is a three days isolation retreat assisted by our operators. In its core nature this procedure is all about a conscious insight of our psychological and spiritual processes. Elaborating shadows and transforming ourself. Very powerful!

Spiritism Course


Evocation and contact with spiritual beings, spiritual guides and collaborate with them to achieve some form of equal exchange of knowledge and abilities.

Power Manifestation

Theory and practice of manifesting the superpowers of the human being.

Awakening of the perfections and psychic powers of the multidimensional Soul.

Course Of Psychokinesis​
Theory and practice of psychokinesis, the ability to move objects and alter electromagnetic fields with the energetic force of thought.
Telepathy Course
Theory and practice of telepathy, the ability to transmit complex messages directly to spiritual interiority.

Channeling Classes

Learn how to be a channel of spiritual beings, how to recongnize them, how to treat them. Learn how to be a reciver of knowledge and how to direct this energies in order to create armony in your life.

Introduction Course to Gnosis

Learn the fundamentals of Gnosis, the discovery of the true Self, Theory and practice of Gnosis.

Sound Water Reprogramming

Using the sound of some musical instruments, the voice of some human beings, we reprogram every cell of Life that contains water, giving it a new vibrational coding. In this way, we determine the future genetic expressiveness of being in interrelated psychic fields.

Sacred Cooking Classes

Learn how to cook in a Sacred Space and be initiated to the healing food; Meaning and simbols of the elements and the composition of the dish. Ayurvedic gastronomy knowledge exposed. Fasting Therapy.

Alchemy and Sacred Symbols Initiations

Connecting your spiritual Soul to the energies of the most powerful symbols of the alchemical Tradiction and explaining how to use them. Mainly for psyconautic astrological experiences and cosmic cartography.

Problem Solving Program Setup

All kinds of problems, solving abilityes download and installation in your sistem.
Think the Solution, be the change!

Astral Projection Education


Astral travel; theory and practice of out-of-body experiences (O.B.E)

Delocalizing Our Consciousness in other Spaces-Time, in other Dimensions,

thanks to the conscious use of the various astral vehicles, of the MerKaBA structures that allow it. Orientation knowledge in the internal worlds and application of consciousness technologies.

Pineal Gland detox and Activation


Third Eye activation.

Traumatic Past Memoryes Cleaning &

Installation of self-solving components.

Mind reset on past traumas; In the Soul (energetic compost or complessive psichic field) of the subject antivirus programs are set, destroing previous depressive ones.

Reiki and Healing Energy Setting Up


Seminars of first, second and third level Reiki Usui and Karuna.Opening your Sistem to the path of the healers.
Welcome to the "World of Healers"!!!

Healing is the most divine work of God!
With help of spiritual Masters, Gurus, Angels & all Spiritual Beings, lets begin Divine healing!

Past Lifes Memory Download

Superior Mind opening to other lifes experiences. Space-time travel to other lifes experiences.

Master Mind Class

Mindfullness and Self consciousness tecniques teaching.

Energetic Components Integration

To the subject that has a spiritual need we integrate the components that can fullfill that hole. Activation of those connections that can change your life, 
complete what is missing.


Sacred Sexuality Initiation



Couples Therapy and Initiation to the real sacred sexuality.



Personalized Tarot Lecture

Tarot cards used as an evolutionary tool, a divinatory way to discover your own unconscious and work on it.

Lecture with Runes

The word rune comes from Old Norse rún, which means mystery or secret. Each rune is linked to the myths and legends of the Norse world, so our journey will be guided by the words of the ancients, preserved in the Edda and in the Runic Poems.
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