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Who is Paulankh?

A Visionary Warrior of Light.
An athlete basketball player and electronic music DJ.
Creator of the Active Center in Bologna, an integrated medical center with a holistic vision and many
wellness specialists. He has a BA in Kinesiology and Physiotherapy, where he has honed the skills
as curator and coach.
He begins his spiritual journey after he started practicing Yoga 8 years ago.
Great reader and great traveler, where he has had various experiences and met his masters
life. It is a continuous inner work of self-analysis, awareness and knowledge of Being,
enjoying the small but great pleasures of Life.
After awakening and expanding his consciousness, he realized that through his exploits he gives
entrepreneur he will be able to help the community to achieve the highest and noblest purposes, ensuring that the
our world evolves towards an ascension of divine abundance.
He loves helping other people live the life they have always dreamed of.
Through love for oneself and for one's neighbor and the freedom of all living beings, starting out
from self-knowledge to spiritual enlightenment.
He draws on the universal source of awareness and spiritual energy, managing to express
visions that pass through it thanks to the gift of the word. He protects others by giving loyalty.
He studies esoteric disciplines and theories, such as the study of Gnostic alchemy, sacred symbols,
of the subtle energies, the Jewish Kabbalah and the shamanic forms.
He wants to improve and evolve to overcome his limits, feel good about himself and help them

Spiritual Order:  2nd Level Companion





Strength 7.5

Dexterity and skill 7

Directed Will 7

Intelligence 7

Knowledge 6

Stamina 7.5

Wisdom 7

Charisma 8

Vitality 8

Manas 5






Temperament: Joyful, Dynamic, Good and positive, Enthusiastic


Lining: Royal manager of Harmony


Skills: Leadership, Organizer, Creator


Therapeutic skills: Amazing supernatural healing superpowers, manual techniques, physical training, energy work on the chakras, Yoga and meditation, nutritionist, psycho-energetic healing, sound music therapy.


Weaknesses: Pride, tendency to inconstancy.