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Who is Andin?

Andin is a nomad, a lover of nature, like the birds of the sun's rays, and a lover of learning for the expansion of the Being. 6 years ago, she began her path of spiritual growth in the land of his roots, experiencing the magic of Reiki within her, or offering it to other beings that resonate with this frequency on their way. Then the path of life presented her with the great gift of continuing her training as an apprentice and collaborator in Rebisproject, approaching the mystical disciplines to enrich her wisdom on how to work with the Light at the service of Divinity. "I am here to share with you the tools of Light that have opened wings in me, healing my body, my mind and my Soul and invite you to experience peace with yourself for the expansion of individual and universal consciousness."


Spiritual Order: Partner






Strength 5
Dexterity and skill 8
Directed Will 7
Intelligence 7
Knowledge 7
Stamina 7
Wisdom 7
Charisma 7
Vitality 7
Manas 8


I am multiverse (and so are you), a great worker and committed to the growth of projects and the realization of proposed objectives for the highest good of humanity. I feel life day by day as a sacred ladder of ascension to the abundance of purity and inner enlightenment. I enjoy working on the spiritual and artistic experience with children, especially in natural contexts to enrich our connection with Mother Earth and celestial beings, because we are community, the common unity with Life, I am at the service of Divinity for spiritual growth through wellness sessions, Reiki, energy cleansing, channeling through creativity, art as a channeling bridge for creativity and inner Love. I leave you a blessed and infinite hug of Light, I am here at the service for any questions, you can write to me.


With love.